Vogue Italia

La jewellery designer Ilaria Icardi è figlia d'arte, perché il padre Umberto Icardi fondò con i fratelli Giuseppe e Piero Emmeti a Valenza, storica città dedicata all'oreficeria e ai gioielli di alta gamma.  

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M Le Monde

Horizons–02.2020 Editorial by Lea Colombo

Photographed by Lea Colombo and styled by Vanessa Reid. Mariana Pardinho is wearing the Gold Plaquette Pendant on the 77 Link Gold Chain from Series 01 and an archive gold bullet pendant.

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The New York Times
T Magazine–10.02.2021 by Alice Cavanagh

For more than three decades, the Italian designer Ilaria Icardi resisted following in the footsteps of her father, Umberto Icardi, by becoming a jeweler. He and his brothers, Giuseppe and Piero, set up their family-run fine jewelry business, Emmeti, in Valenza in the late 1960s...

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The New York Times
ARENA–14.02.2021 by Alice Cavanagh

Photographed by Horst Diekgerdes and styled by Joel Traptwo. Luna Paiva is wearing the Raw Emerald Pendant together with the Spaceman Pendant on the 77 Link Gold Chain from Series 01 and an archive gold ring.

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Financial Times
How To Spend It–31.03.2021 by Jessica Beresford

Everyone wants a piece of Ilaria Icardi. Demand for the jeweller’s designs has been so high over the past few months that her atelier can’t keep up. “I was asked to slow down,” says the London-based designer, who first started working on her business two years ago before officially launching earlier this year...

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Vogue Turkey
Welcome to the family–05.2021 by Güneş Uysalefe 

... meet Ilaria Icardi, who took over her father's workshop in Valenza last year to continue the family tradition after working in the fashion industry for many years...

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Il Picollo
Società Valenza–04.05.02021 by Marco Bertoncini 

Certi istini uno li ha nel dna, è lì che rimangono, magari per tantissimi anni prima di emergere e manifestarsi quasi per casi. A Ilaria Icardi è successo così. Lei, valenza cresciuta nell'azienda oraga di famiglia del padre Umberto e dei suoi fratelli Giuseppe e Piero, dalla città dell'oro se ne era andata, 'sfuggendo' dalla tradizione per inseguire la sinera della moda e del fashion...

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