series 01

Series 01 builds on the foundations laid by Ilaria's father, a jewellery designer based in Valenza, Northern Italy, who founded the family business in the 1960s.

Handcrafted in Italy, the collection connects Icardi to the tradition of making in the Italian city, renowned for its rich heritage as an epicentre of artisanal jewellery design, and the memory of her late father Umberto.

Beginning with a gold–link chain found in Umberto’s archive, the collection renders a series of found objects, both commonplace and unique, in precious metals and stones with genderless appeal.

The original 77–link chain, with its uniquely designed clasp–closure, together with 18 karat gold pendants and rings, elevate the familiar, finished with responsibly sourced diamonds, raw emeralds and lapis lazuli. 

From an astronaut charm, recalling a toy found at a flea market in New York, to a wheat–field pendant, the pieces speak to the value of everyday experiences and objects. They are personal without being overly precious, connecting the commonplace with craft.

Each piece is designed by Ilaria in London, and handmade–to–order in Italy.